Football and Tech support

So its football season and the NFL kicked off in all its glory today. After my Ravens were embarrassed last Thursday, I was looking forward to watching some games without too much pressure as to who was going to come out on top. After church, the wife and I get home, have a nice lunch and start the games. Since Windows 8 has released, I almost always have a Tablet or Ultrabook on my lap during TV witching and this was no exception. I had my Lenovo Thinkpad Tab 2 on my lap with the Football Pro app open keeping tabs on the other games.

Part way through the Falcons and Saints game I receive a Lync notification on my screen. Lync is a Microsoft product we recently rolled out to our administrative team. It provides presence awareness, Instant Messaging, Voice and Video communications. I had installed and configured the Modern UI version of Lync from the store onto the Tab 2 and configured it to connect in to our internet facing Lync server but had largely forgotten about it. Well, our VP of Clinical Service Lines was on site having an account issue and happened to see via Lync that I was connected and available. She IM’d me asking for some help. After assessing the need I was able to open my browser and log into our SharePoint Intranet. We have a web part within the SharePoint through which we provide access to some authorized users outside IT to rest user passwords. I could have opened Active Directory but this was quicker. I clicked into the web part and reset her password. I had her log off and on with the new password and message me back through Lync to confirm all was well. It all worked perfect and I didn’t miss a play!

This is an example of the compelling story Microsoft is building. This is a nice story but the trick is the mobility factor and the integration. In my Laptop days, I rarely moved the thing from my office. I have a PC here at home I could go do all this with but with the tablet, I didn’t have to leave my seat and with the integration of the products, I didn’t have to break a sweat. I’ll leave that to the guys on the field. It was a great game by the way and lead into the Jets and Bucs who had a trading of the ball at least three times in the last few minutes with the Jets winning with 2 seconds left. Glad i didn’t miss it. Thanks Microsoft!


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