Whats wrong with “Phablet”?

I read a lot of Tech news. Web sites, Twitter, blogs, RSS feeds, podcasts, video. Whatever the format, as long as the subject is tech, the information is solid and the writer/speaker is tolerable I will likely give it a try.  Gotta  stay up to date.

One thing i have noted in much of the information i consume is that many tech journalist don’t like the term “Phablet”. Being a amalgamation of the word Phone and Tablet and used to describe a device that is oversized for the average smart-phone and smaller than the typical tablet. These devices are typically somewhere between 5 and 7 inches in size. Its still a phone, with the ability to send and receive calls but large enough to be a serviceable production device. At this size, its certainly a functional kindle reader and makes browsing the web on your “phone” a much better experience. To me the term Phablet perfectly captures the essence of device.

Ive had my own Phablet for a several weeks now and i wanted to share some thoughts on my initial experience. Continue reading