Honey, I’m home…

Some of you may recognize my borrowing of that line from Kubrick’s The Shining. I didn’t particularly like the movie but Jack Nicholson does crazy, scary like no one else. So here I am back trying to stick to a blog I haven’t updated in over a year. Crazy scary. Suffice it to say life hasn’t been normal during that time. No intent to be secretive, my 4 year old grandson was diagnosed with cancer last year so nothing has felt normal in some time. Crazy scary. We have at least entered in to some sort of routine and while the specter of cancer still looms, the mind longs for some routine and distraction. That’s why we work and have hobbies and sometimes we are blessed that both are the same. It takes us out of the inward focus and channels it into something bigger than us. My faith is a core element for addressing life’s hard realities. To that end God gave me an interest and vocation in tech to pour my energies into. So I will pray, I will work and I will write.

Recently I got to attend Microsoft’s first “Ignite” conference in Chicago. This is a collapsing of their TechNet conferences and a few other gatherings into one event. It was like going to a Microsoft buffet. You try and gorge on everything you can but in the end its too much. The saving grace is Channel 9. This is Microsoft’s YouTube for developers and enthusiasts. Every session at Ignite can be found at channel9.msdn.com. Or on Windows 8.1 and Windows phone 8 you can download the Channel 9 app. That’s over 800 presentations that can tell you all about whats coming at Microsoft over the next several months.
And then there is E3. Microsoft just did its keynote at the US’s largest entertainment expo yesterday and talked about the future of its entertainment and gaming platform. You can see it at www.xbox.com/en-us/e3. Yes the focus was on games but I think Microsoft has a vision much bigger than games for its Xbox and other platforms. Just as with Hololens, while the is a focus on gaming and entertainment now, the enterprise and business aspects of these tools will soon emerge. How about Xbox as a center for home automation and security or for home medical device connectivity? If they bring the grail of the unified Windows 10 platform why not?
We have a lot to consider but I’ll keep these blogs short for both the reader and the writer in hopes we don’t get gorged and want to keep returning to the table for more.
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