Windows 10 Mobile. Here we go!

So we are a week away from the launch of Windows 10 “Mobile”. I put the quotes around Mobile as I am adding that to distinguish Windows 10 on a phone vs. all other Windows 10 models.

I installed what may be the last insider preview (10581) build prior to phones being released on Nov. 20th with what used to be referred to as the RTM build. Prior to this release my experience has prevented me from using it as a daily driver. I’ve now been using 10581 for the last week on my Lumia 1520 and am at the point of leaving Windows Phone 8.1 behind.

All the basics are solid. Phone, Text, Data, check. I’ve loaded all my major apps and only 1 isn’t running (whats up Insteon?).

I’ll be doing some mico-blogging (that’s a thing right?) on apps, tips and tricks, my experiences and my day to day use so if this interests you check back here for more.

Go Redmond!


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