Windows 10 Mobile – We’re Live!

So the Lumia 950 and 950XL launched this past week. I got my hands on the 950 today and my XL is on order from the Microsoft store. But this isn’t about first impressions (my anxiety over the pre-releases on the 1520 are gone and all seems fine). That post will come later.

Microsoft has been running a theme with the phrase “Do More”. I even have a t-shirt from Ignite 2015 that proclaims “I Do”. So I’ve been mulling over what does the device DO for me? Will Windows 10 mobile make me feel more productive?

Besides the basics of phone, email and texting there are a few key apps I use for work life that get things done for me. I’ll  list out the personal apps in another post. Now for my “work” related apps and features…

Skype/Skype for Business – IM, VOIP and Video

MS Office
Office Lens

Reference and Information:
News Apps
RSS Feed

Device Encryption
ActiveSync remote Wipe
Remote desktop

What’s noticeably missing?
SharePoint access solution!
MS Remote Desktop app fails install!

Now what’s new in Windows 10 mobile that I want to assess impacting my work?
Windows Hello
Call Recording
Edge Browser

OK so in the time this article has sat in draft I have received my 950 XL. A few days to get it loaded up and then I will return with an update. Until then, be blessed my friends!


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