Windows Phone users are..special!

Hey everyone! So I’ve had two weeks with the 950xl and its time to share the initial impressions.

I’ll be right up front, my first week was not positive. I have used Windows phone since 5.0 and am committed to the ecosystem and the vision. So no risk of me leaving the platform.  Much like the first versions of many Windows OS’s 10 mobile is rough around the edges. After a few happy years with Phone 7 and 8 its a bit tough to struggle with this release.

Now the first weeks’ issues were largely the fault of my eagerness and some early optimization needs Microsoft needs to address. When the 950XL arrived I immediately popped in my 64 Gig SD card and ATT SIM. After setup, I configured to have all pics, vids, downloads and apps installed on the SD card. Well, test completed and DONT DO THIS! The performance suffered noticeably and I had regular reboots all week long.  So after some research on the Microsoft and Windows Central forums I realized others had been experiencing problems with SD card stability also. So after being in denial a few days I removed the SD and did a reset. After resetting my device and installing my apps on local memory and not SD Card I’ve been stable with no reboots. So on to the second week…

If you read my last post you saw my list of required productivity apps; the apps I use regularly for work. So as I completed the initial setup (painless I must say and how can you not love the offer to download a backup of your config and apps and how your settings like wireless connections and passwords are just there?!) I immediately connected up to my Microsoft and work accounts and loaded up my productivity apps. Ok so far so good. All the apps load up and function just fine. The start screen of tiles is familiar all the way back from Windows phone 7. Much of the rest of the OS is recognizable if you are using Windows 10 on the desktop. You have the notification center and settings just like on the desktop. This has always been a consistent element of Microsofts’ vision. They want to put a PC in your pocket. If you remember back to Windows Mobile 5 and 6 the interface had the start button and app list as you would find in XP. Now Windows 10 mobile mimics Windows 10 desktop. This is the primary reason I believe most people look to other mobile solutions. For the most part I don’t by the app gap theory. Some may decide that’s an issue but I don’t think thats the majority. Windows has a certain overhead or complexity that puts many users off. Users are used to a certain complexity on their PC’s but when it comes to a phone or a tablet and they think quick, simple, easy and don’t see that in Windows.

I feel like the use of technology mirrors how people see cars. We all have cars but most just want to get in and drive from point A to B. Then there are the “car guys”. They know the motor statitics, tweak the tuning, add customizations. They just love customizing and optimizing their vehicle. That’s the Windows Phone crowd. You know, special.

Well I have been up and live just over a week. As suggested before there are frustrations in the experience not being as smooth and stable as it was under Windows 8/8.1. Its not that its bad its just not better. All but one app (come on Insteon!) that I’ve tried works. Performance has been adequate, Camera is good, it connects to my peripherals, battery is adequate.

So I can “DO” what I need to do. But there are some early issues and some new stuff we haven’t explored. I’m keeping a OneNote page on Good, Bad, Broken and New and will explore those I my next post. Until then, be blessed my friends!




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