Windows 10 Mobile – The Bad and The Ugly

So in my last post I reviewed the major features and changes to Windows Phone/Mobile that I most appreciated in its newest release. Well I have also been keeping a Bad and Ugly section of my little OneNote pinned to my device start screen. Today we go over that.

Power and Volume buttons:
So I just do not get this. The power button is placed in the middle of the right edge snuggly between the + and – volume keys. Now since we don’t have double tap to wake the device out of the lock screen yet, you must tap the power key every time to get to the start screen. Did I say its right between the volume keys? So you must eyeball it or, I have taken to sliding my index finger North to South across all three keys and then back again to target the middle power button. Just harder than it should be.

Just broken. Ok, I mean it works, its just not stable. I have connected to my LG headset, my Microsoft Band 2, a Nokia wireless speaker, a keyboard and mouse. So it works, its just for how long before, opps, a spontaneous disconnect. OK toggle the device off then on and your back…oh another disconnect. Toggle off then on. Ok its fine. Oh, listening to an audio book and a call comes in, you complete the call and then the audio comes in as a stutter. Reset the Bluetooth, restart the audio and your ok; for a while.
So this may be exaggerated but its not unusual to have a dropped Bluetooth connection once a day. Not fun when your on a conference call while your driving and suddenly everything goes quiet and your headset starts humming that its lost connection.
The good news, this can be fixed with updates from Microsoft and the sooner the better!

One or two blog posts back I mentioned my initial experience loading up the 950XL and directing all content including new app installs to the storage card. It didn’t go well. I had to do a complete reset and start over. Like Bluetooth, the use of the storage card is not stable in this initial release. Presently I have configured the settings to install new apps to device storage and downloads, music, pictures and videos to the SD card. While this has helped, I still occasionally see performance issues in working with pictures and videos and some apps like Movie Maker cant seem to fetch vids that are stored on the SD. Like the Bluetooth issue I believe this can be fixed with an update and again, the sooner the better.

Battery and Background Tasks:
I am linking these two as I am guessing they are related. Battery life on my 950XL is just OK. Its not as good as my 1520 in day to day use and a similar load out. Now I should explain am pretty fanatical regarding charging. I have a cable or dock almost everywhere I go. I plug in at my desk, in my car and have several around the house. I say this to make the point this has not been a huge issue for me but it has been noticeable. I have a hold-over battery app from the Windows 8.1 days and it regularly alerts me to battery drain. A habit also from the 8.1 days has been to check on apps running in the background. So if you go to “All Settings” and search on Background you will find the of all apps running in the background. These are all the apps installed that want to perform some action behind the scenes to keep itself updated or perform some notification. Right now I have 61 items listed there with 29 of them active. However, several of these apps are listed in here multiple times (see image below).

Growing Pains
So there have been a few other growing pains in migrating to this new platform. The device has locked up and spontaneously rebooted on occasion. The XL is a dual SIM device and Microsoft has taken to showing an indicator of Sim selection by placing a small 1 and 2 above the messaging and phone tiles. My mind tends to register that as a unread message. I’d like to see another way, perhaps color, to indicate the active SIM. There is no VPN active indicator. I use VPN regularly and hate finding I did toggle it off and all my traffic has been routing through work. And this could just be perception, but word flow and voice dictation don’t seem quite as accurate or contextual as the 8.1 version.

At the time of this writing I am waiting on delivery of the latest firmware update for the platform. Of course I would hope to see an improvement in all the items I mention here (well they cant fix the power/volume buttons can they?!). In any case, this platform obviously needs some time to bake. Here’s hoping that the ingredients turn into one compelling dish!

Thanks and be blessed my friends!



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