Life after Windows Mobile

Well its been almost two year since I posted on this blog and a lot has happened. When you last saw our hero (that’s me) he had left the warm embrace of Windows mobile and began a trek over to the Apple camp. Many strange and terrible and wondrous thing did he see. But he yearned for his homeland and returned to Windows mobile where he has been until a few months back when the demise of his beloved virtual kingdom had deteriorated beyond what he could bear.
But where to go? He could return to Apple but the iPhone had left him cold and unimpressed. That left Android. He feared the unfamiliar interface that seemed to change for every user he spoke to. Other travelers warned about security issues and instability. What to do. Of course! Replace his wife’s Windows mobile phone with a Samsung S8 first and see if chaos ensued! He watched as early frustration gradually left and, well she seemed to get along. He would grab the device when she went for her runs or left to retire before him and toy around. Many familiar apps were there but they were somehow, better. He could manipulate and change the UI which was not possible in the kingdom of Apple. But more dangers lurked in these environs. Yes but other adventures had made weapons to deploy against threats that again were not there on Apple. Our hero even found an app that could make Android appear and operate like his familiar Windows device. Praise the Devs!
So he jumped in and got his first Android, a Samsung Note 8. Praise be it even has a pen (which we all know is mightier than, well no pen).
So after downloading and installing almost every Microsoft app in the Play Store and setting up Launcher 10 with its tiles and scrolling app list our hero is once again at home on a new platform. And new worlds are open to him. He has McAfee guarding his device against the many threats in this land. And has installed over 100 apps, an untold number in his old kingdom.
But he occasionally goes into his basement and pulls out a hidden locked chest and carefully removes his HP Elite x3 and pushes the power button. He waits for the warm glow and searches for updates and signs of new life. but, inevitably he powers it down and puts it away and as he carefully secures the device wonders, will the magic ever return?


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